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  • Mark Your Calendars! #AskACurator is Back September 16 for its 10th Year!

    September 3rd, 2020mardixonCulture

    This year #AskaCurator is celebrating its 10th anniversary and so pleased that Jim Richardson from MuseumNext who originally created the hashtag is back on the team to help support it.  I’m copying from his website as there are resources and more information you can find there. 

    Ask a Curator is back on 16th September 2020. As a previous participant in the event, we’d love you to join in on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or wherever your museum is active.

    You can find out more about this years event here.

    As with previous years it is open to any museum, gallery, library, archive, zoo or independent curator. It’s free to participate and sure to attract lots of attention across social media.

    You might want to prepare some content before 16th Sept, for example you could ask a curator to film answers to some of the questions on the previous page. You can download a design pack with graphics to use both on the day and to promote your participation here.

    If you’ve not yet told us that you wish to take part, you can let us know using this form. This just makes it easier for us to give people updates and communicate the scale of the project to press. We look forward to having you be part of what promises to be another very successful Ask a Curator.

    We look forward to seeing everyone sharing questions and answers but most importantly, having fun!  

    And thanks Jim Richardson and everyone else helping this year!

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