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    June 16th, 2011mardixonLiteracy

    My daughter Charlotte was one of four kids chosen by Book Trust to be invited to Children Laureate announcement after she wrote an email nomination (she nominated Nick Sharratt but Julia Donaldson, ala Gruffalo, won). 


    From that, we had a heads up that Ed Vaizey was going to be speaking at the event.  For those that don’t know, on January 16th I tweeted Libraries are important because [fill in & RT] #savelibraries on Twitter and it went WorldTrending (thanks to Neil Gaiman and Jack Schofield) and there was a lot of attention to the hashtag. The responses I received were heartfelt and meaningful and showed how, world-wide, libraries were a necessity, not a luxury.  I was put into a position to speak on behalf of libraries, something I hope I did with dignity.


    From that, I started to tweet Ed Vaizey and Jeremy Hunt to find out how they would answer the tweet.


    Can everyone PLS RT Day 121: Dear @edvaizey & @Jeremy_Hunt Libraries are important because [fill in & RT].#savelibraries


    I talked it over with Charlotte and said if possible, and as long as it didn’t take away from her very special day, would she mind if I had a quiet word with him.  She was more than happy and here is where I’m going to go into Proud Mom mode. 

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    June 15th, 2011mardixonLiteracy

    I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never. Pictures and some additional information can be found here:

    What HayFestival is All about.

    I was able to attend HayFestival again this year.  I know everyone talks about the feeling there but it is such an indescribable vibe about the festival and actually the whole town. 

    I attended MuseumNext this year, so arrived back at midnight on Friday but managed the 1 ½ hour drive to Hay Saturday morning to ensure I was there in time for the Sky Arts Book show.  I was so exciting about having tickets I didn’t care that I was tired, or my husband Michael was too ill to come but had to come anyway as I didn’t want to get lost.  And I was glad I did as seeing how the show is created was enlightening, as were the guests!

    On the Sunday, the whole family came to HayFestival.  I had tickets for the Sky Arts Book show again (this time it was Professor Brian Cox and Mark Logue – King’s Speech). I also was privileged to attend the Royal Society Lecture by the President of the Society Paul Nurse: DARWIN AND MILTON – TWO VIEWS OF CREATION.   I was a bit worried about attending this event as I’m not the strongest with the Royal Society items, but found this to be a thought-provoking, albeit a bit controversial discussion.  Paul took questions from the audience after, all of whom seem to want to debate his religion rather than discuss the topic but he was very eloquent in his replies.

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