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    April 26th, 2012mardixonCulture, Personal

    On Friday April 20th, Charlotte and three of her school friends travelled to London to sleep at the Natural History Museum’s DinoSnore as part of Charlotte’s 10th birthday (sponsored by KinderHotels).  We were entertained from the moment the doors opened until lights went out at midnight then from breakfast until the museum opened.  The fun (and learning!) never stopped.  There was about 150-200 children and occupying adults. Read the rest of this entry »

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    October 23rd, 2011mardixonCulture

    Once again, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, together with ARTIST Rooms managed to secure a fabulous talk by American Artists Ed Ruscha.

    Ed’s art combines painting, drawing, photography and typography providing a unique flavor of works that is not limited to one medium.

    As Charlotte had a PD day, she invited friend Megan to come to the talk.  While I wasn’t exactly positive what age group the talk was aimed at, Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s fabulous Exhibition curator Zoe Lippett has always welcome Charlotte to these events since Charlotte was at the launch of ARTISTS Rooms in May 2009 when there was a talk with Anthony d’Offay regarding Andy Warhol.

    We arrived a bit early for the girls to have a look at the Ed Ruscha exhibition and also to see the BP Portrait Award exhibition as Michael said it was really impressive (and he wasn’t wrong!). Before entering the BP Portrait Award exhibition, there was a very Kids in Museums friendly warning about nudity.  I chatted with the girls about it and decided they were mature enough to handle it.

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    September 19th, 2011mardixonCulture

    Recently, I was in a meeting when it was explained they (a council) were choosing not to use QR Codes as ‘we’ve been told it’s a passing phase’.  I soon found myself going into Pro-QR Code mode.  Why?  Because while I recognize they are not for everyone, it was clear the ‘techy’ people who this particular council were speaking to didn’t know about them so felt scare-tactics worked best.  This got me thinking that maybe all these great QR Code* website and blogs were talking over the average person and maybe assuming they knew more than they did.

    This blog is going to be a bit different as when I explained to my daughter Charlotte (9) what I was doing on a Sunday she nonchalantly started telling me what she knows about QR Codes.   Charlotte agreed to write the blog and cover various industries (from publishing, museums, colleges and universities and everything in between).

    What are QR Codes ?
    Quick Response codes.  It’s the black and white squares you see on soda cans, advertising, and things like that.  My mom has one on her business card.  You can put them anywhere.

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