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    July 15th, 2013mardixonCulture, International
    Closing date for Applicants is JULY 15th
    imagesI’m Project Coordinator for Museomix UK, the only global Museomix happening in the UK and the only one that’s in English (4 locations in France, 1 in Quebec and us).   The concept is not easy to explain as it’s an experience, not an event (although I tend to use both words).
    MuseomixUK will take place in Ironbridge (Shropshire, West Midlands) – the idea is it’s home of the Industrial Revolution and we’re trying to take things into the next revolution.  I also wanted a location outside London, Birmingham, Manchester to prove that any museum could use maker communities to push things to a different level.  
    The concept is this:  
    3 days for different communities to come together to create:
    – An open museum with a place for everyone
    – A living lab museum that evolves with its users
    – a networked museum in touch with its communities 
    Basically, we use the museum as a sandbox for people to create/remix a museum the way THEY want to do it. 
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