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    March 9th, 2015mardixonCulture, International

    With only two weeks to go the links and messages have been flying fast and furious.  This post tries to help keep you updated on the key points/highlights including:

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    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.22.48Two free Webinars scheduled for March 10 (TOMORROW!).  This is open to EVERYONE internationally and will be for those wanting how to get involved and learn what the hashtags are about.  Tips/tricks will be included.  Use #QuestionsMW to ask questions.  I’ll be asking them as I speak but also leaving time at the end of the webinar for those not received before.  If you prefer, feel free to email me (mar@mardixon.com).

    Who to Ask – Updated

    See the updated Who to Ask page to see almost 1000 museums who have signed up for #MuseumWeek – truly something for everyone Worldwide!

    Interesting Facts from this latest update:

    • A significant jump for 799 to 994 signed up!
    • Columbia – double their museums to 78 signed up
    • hdr-funfactsChile, Hungrary, Poland and Tunisie are new to the list
    • Brasil has made incredibly progress
    • Italy jumped from 71-86
    • Japan had a massive increase from 18 to 43!
    • Luxembourg double to 2 signed up.
    • Mexico added another 7 making their total 18.
    • Russia is up to 15
    • Spain jumped 12 to 68
    • UK leads the countries with 216 (an increase of 31 signing up in one week!)
    • USA increased from 87 to 123. 

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