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    January 19th, 2015mardixonCulture

    IMG_8194Recently I went to Worcester to attend a Dementia and Tech talk at the university.  As the talk wasn’t until 4 I decided to catch a morning train and make a day out of sight-seeing.  As soon as I got off the train, I decided I would let the ‘tourist signs’ choose my fate.

    First decision was made when I saw Worcester Museum and Art Gallery to the right. I started taking pictures before I even stepped foot in as the building itself is so gorgeous.  

    IMG_8196Walking in, I was in awe of the architecture.  As my eyes gazed up, I noticed colorful signage of the steps telling me the art gallery, museum and cafe were upstairs.  Like a moth to a flame I headed upstairs.

    In the first room I was impressed with the World War I exhibition.  Yes there are a lot of them out there right now but please take the time to see a few of them as each of them are personalised stories of local people and their sacrifice.  I started to take pictures and asked the attendants for the twitter id.  They were more than pleased to have me tweet and share. 

    (Yes, I thought he was tweeting...)

    (Yes, I thought he was tweeting…)

    I headed to the other room which had fantastic museum mannequins.  I immediately knew I wanted to try to take a few selfies for MuseumSelfie day and also to share them on #MuseumMannequin tumblr.  However, the attendant in that room told me I had to fill out a form.  Ok, not a big deal.  A tad old fashion but I’m not going to judge.  When I started to read the form (which I will admit I normally never do) there were two particular words that jumped out at me:  morality obligated.  To my photos.  Read the rest of this entry »

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    June 12th, 2014mardixonCulture

    Background:  After the launch of the Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport  Sajid Javid, recent report, a few of us had a … healthy discussion on Twitter.  Whilst I love Twitter, sometimes the 140 characters really limit a good debate, hence this Guest Blog.  What are your thoughts? 

    Diversifying cultural audiences

    The nature of adversarial politics has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Where once parties argued into the night over positions that were ideologically opposed, we now seem to operate in a consensus where the argument is just who is better able to fix the problem. It’s like we all secretly agreed a narrative overnight, and now there is just accepted wisdom on the environment, on the economy, on health, on welfare, and even on culture.

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